Floating Bluetooth speakers are the latest brand of futuristic speakers offering exotic, unique and intriguing designs. These types of speakers utilize magnetic technology to float and spin above the dock (in the air) while playing musical sounds from your phone through Bluetooth connection.


  • Floating Bluetooth speakers have fascinating LED lights as they play and can be charged wireless.
  • Floating Bluetooth speakers are currently only available in small sized models; this is because they are mostly powered by magnets, and so issues about magnet availability and effect on speaker weight remain a problem.
  • Floating Bluetooth speakers are quite limited in stock as most manufacturers are yet to design their own models.
  • They are more expensive than regular Bluetooth speakers because of the reason mentioned above; however they are still highly sought after by millennials seeking for more satisfaction.

All of these amazing features combine to make Floating speakers seem out of this world, and worthy enough not only to spark conversation among friends but add top-notch décor to any home. With these in mind we have compiled a list of top 5 floating Bluetooth speakers in 2018

Reviews Of 5 Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers


Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 LED  with Microphone and Touch Buttons

5 Best Floating Bluetooth Speakers: Definitions, Features and Product Review

The Infinity Orb levitating speaker is an averaged priced floating speaker in the market with amazing features for a great user experience. It is designed to add animation and life to your music listening hour while adding the much needed décor to your home. It is simply just the perfect gift for a friend and when you want to show off.

This Bluetooth speaker is able to function as a standalone speaker without its magnetic base and can also levitate in the air at half inch height above its orb. It also reflects an amazing LED visual effect as it plays music straight from your phone. Other of its features includes:

  • Ability to seamlessly connect with all Bluetooth enabled devices (iPhone, iPod, tablet, android, etc.) as far as 10 meters distance.
  • It has 3D surround effect produced through its Special sound guide cone  thus giving it a distinctive timbre
  • The Battery power has 500mAh capacity, capable of giving you more than 8 hours of continuous listening if the device volume is at 70%


WOW-SOUND 17-9000, Bluetooth Floating Speaker – 50 Hour Battery

WOW-SOUND 17-9000, Bluetooth Floating Speaker - 50 Hour Battery

The WOW-SOUND Bluetooth speaker offers even more features for its price. Unlike other speakers, durability, functionality and great user experience are its selling point.

With an IP67 rating, the WOW-SOUND speaker is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and water immersion for up to 3 feet (1 meter) for 30 minutes, not only that, its light material ensures that it stay afloat. No need diving in to rescue your speaker.

And again it offers the highest playtime per single charge. Its 50+ hours of battery life and ability to connect with an additional WOW-SOUND speaker make for an awesome sound quality for all indoor and outdoor activities. Other features include:

  • It has a portable design that makes it easy to hold or carry anywhere.
  • It has an Omnidirectional Hi-Fi sound with a 4 inch passive bass​for good sound quality.
  • Also comes with 360-degree bright LED lights for visibility at night as well as animation.


ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

ICE 7 Arc Star Floating Bluetooth Speaker

The ICE 7 Arc Star speaker offers simplicity and functionality, it is currently an Amazon choice product enjoying raving review from customers. This speaker can be in three ways namely: as a portable standalone unit for easy mobility; its magnetic base can also serve as a charger for your smart devices therefore solving problem of wire clusters on your desk, and finally it can be used as floating Bluetooth speaker improving your class, style and room decor.

Other features include:

  • 360 degree design ensures that there is an equal sound stream in every direction.
  • Dual connectivity. It connects seamlessly with your device through Bluetooth or NFC connectivity. (NFC enabled smartphone can connect through the top green indicator on the ball)
  • Its magnetic base houses 4 green balancing LEDs. They make it easier for you to balance the floating speaker by following the flickering of the LED indicators.
  • It comes with a rechargeable lithium 1500mAh battery that makes the speaker last for 8 hours on a full charge


Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, UPPEL Floating Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, UPPEL Floating Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is another floating speaker with even more functionality. And like most speakers in this grade, it can be used separate from its magnetic base. It however offers more illumination options with the ability to change the LED lights to desired colour. The speaker also has 5 controlling buttons on it that allows you the following functions such as

  • Change light colour,
  • Pick up/cut a phone call
  • Play/stop music
  • Volume up/down

features include

  • Option to play music with a memory card instead of Bluetooth connection sometimes
  • Double connectivity options: Bluetooth and NFC connections
  • 3D sound effect: this ensures that music booms from all corner of the speaker. The levitation offers distortion-free timbre too.
  • The powerful base has powerful magnetic that allows it to lift a ball and hold it strong.
  • 1000 mAh lithium-ion battery offers 5 hours of continuous music after charge


Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, Satefello Magnetic Floating Portable Wireless

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker, Satefello Magnetic Floating Portable Wireless

This is another amazing floating speaker in the market with diverse functionality. It can be placed just about anywhere in a room to send powerful sound in every direction. Satefello, makers of this floating Bluetooth speaker offer 12 months warranty and 24 hours customer service thereby it a more confidence boost.

Other features include:

  • 360 Degree Surround Sound: enjoy rich and powerful audio all around the house, not matter where it is placed or faced
  • This floating speaker automatically lights up and changes the 7-color LED light when you plug the base.
  • The speaker spins lightly while above the base for a more animated experience
  • The orb can be used as a standalone speaker without the base.
  • It has a simple buttons that allows you control functions as play or pause music, accept or end calls and turn LED light on/off.
  • Its Built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery guarantees up to 4 hours playtime on 75% volume.

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We have reviewed 5 floating speakers with similar or unique features. The prices also range differently based on your budget. The fact however remains that leviathan speakers have come to stay with a market that is gradual opening up. This review should therefore help you make the best decision while aiming for a purchase.


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